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User Interface pre-visualization

Working on implementing the user interface.




Added 12 new models for free

I’ve added about 12 new models to the Facebook page. They are free for commercial and personal usage. I’ve also implemented thumbnail previews of each asset so you can see what your getting before you download. As always I’ve included the triangle count of each asset as well. Follow to and click on the 3D Models Download Link on the left side of the page!

LOD1 Model Completed

I’ve completed the modeling of the first driveable vehicle! Now on to texturing! I overshot my 1200 triangle limit by about 30 tris.  During alpha I will more than likely be trimming the polygon counts for models and the environments to help with performance, so I’m moving forward.

WIP – First vehicle in production

Work in progress of the first vehicle for Arena Truck Pro. Model is based off of a 2007 Chevy Colorado pickup truck. Vehicle is currently 430 triangles out of a 750 tri budget.



2007 Chevy Colorado Blueprints

I thought I would share this awesome blueprint I came across for a late model pickup truck. This is the first full vehicle I am currently modeling for Arena Truck Pro.

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Main Menu Background Plate

A near final revision of the main menu title screen. This is the background plate for the main menu. Other elements will be interchangeable elements overlaid in 3d within the Unity game engine. Javascript events will allow all necessary menu and button behaviors, transition sliding, etc.

Official Title

What was formerly called “terraX” now has a new official title, ” Arena Truck Pro”

Free 3D Models (Most iPhone Spec)

Follow the link above to access the links to the first group of 10 or so models.
You will see a section on the left side navigation panel that will say “3D Models (Download Link).

I’ve started gathering up models I’ve had sitting on my hard drive over the years. I’ve decided to start sharing them free of charge, with the community of developers. I will be adding in groups over the next few days, I do have quite a bit of city and roadside props to pull up and post. All models are in .OBJ format to ensure maximum portability to your 3D app, and each one has the UVs already laid out, feel free to tweak as you wish. Please use these models with or without credit to me, I am releasing them openly to the general public for unlimited commercial and non-commercial purposes.

It would be cool if you shot me an email some time to show me how a model has helped!

WIP Truck Illustration for Main Title Menu

This is the initial truck illustration for the main title menu. The blue truck at the top of the image is the actual vector file that will overlay on the title menu. The red truck on the lower left is the photographic reference, used to basically trace the larger shapes. To the lower right is the Illustrator wireframe of the artwork thus far. The illustration is now about 80% completed.


Perforce for Asset Management

Installing Perforce to manage these assets I’m compiling. I didn’t know it was free for use, if you had less than 2 users!