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Creating a Racing Game in Unity

Creating a Racing Game in Unity – Youtube Tutorial Series

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Creating a Vehicle Color Selection Menu – Unity Game Engine

I was working on a way to setup custom paint color and logo selection in my menu system for Super Kart Racing. The following tutorial is a walk-through of exactly how I got that working for my game. Thought I’d share the knowledge.

Creating Custom Control Layouts – Unity Game Engine

Latest tutorial per user requests. This will help you setup and save custom control setups in your PC/Mac and iOS/Android projects.I’ve included the entire Unity project folder ZIP, as a link in the Youtube video description.

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Checkpoint and Lap System for Unity

This is a small project that teaches you how to implement a simple checkpoint system and lap system. The checkpoint system is used to prevent cheating (i.e. backing up and driving over the finish line to increase lap count.) The player vehicle must pass through a series of checkpoints (which you determine), before the lap counter will increment.

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GUI Textures for Mobile Touch Input

You have to go and grab the Unity project on my Creating a Driveable Vehicle tutorial first (On my Youtube Channel). This tutorial will get you going setting up GUITextures as UI control objects for iOS and Android though you can apply it’s principles into a different script and game project.

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Physically stable vehicle with Unity Wheel Colliders

I have a working vehicle script for my test vehicle, but finding this script for vehicle stabilizer bars really improved a lot of things! Follow the link to find some awesome information for Unity Wheel Colliders.






How to make a physically stable vehicle with Unity Wheel Colliders