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Creating a Racing Game in Unity

Creating a Racing Game in Unity – Youtube Tutorial Series

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Super Kart Racing Menu Progress Update

Development continues: You’ll notice updated menus in this update. Local leaderboards are working, Settings menu sliders and buttons are all returning values and saving them. Credits menus is now implemented and awaiting being filled out with backer names from the crowdfunding campaigns.

Commercial Point Karting Classic

Proud to announce a partnership with the Commercial Point Racing Foundation, featuring the track for their annual event in Commercial Point, Ohio. This is a real world location for an annual Kart Racing Event that’s taken place since 1968.

Super Kart Racing 100% funded

Well after much struggle I finally made the goal. Only 10 hours to spare. Will have some very cool updates within the next couple of weeks to show off. The AI pathing is completely redone (much cooler, more fun sliding physics), the position indication for player vs. AI is now 100% solid and working.

Civilian Character Model

Here is a look at the very first civilian model to be found in my Zombie Apocalypse Character Pack.


Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

Well here is the newest announcement! The Kickstarter campaign has kicked off. I’m running the Kickstarter to tie up the funding for the development of Super Kart Racing. Indiegogo did a little less than half, but did not cover all of the funds needed. We were told to go with a more well known crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter and we listened. Please visit and share if you can 🙂


Super Kart Racing Menu Screen Mockups

These are the first revision of menu screen mockups I’ve finished. More than likely they will undergo some changes to design or aesthetic, but for the most part they are solid. Looking forward to cutting these up and plugging them into NGUI atlases soon.

Creating a Vehicle Color Selection Menu – Unity Game Engine

I was working on a way to setup custom paint color and logo selection in my menu system for Super Kart Racing. The following tutorial is a walk-through of exactly how I got that working for my game. Thought I’d share the knowledge.

Feature Outdoor track based on Daytona

This is the experience I want to do for the feature outdoor track. I think I want to put the concepts for the outdoors aside for right now and reproduce Daytona. Of course all branding, logos, etc. would not be featured and the track itself would be modified to not be an exact replica.

Super Kart Racing – Implemented Audio Controller

Updates: No work on visual art this week. Implemented a sound controlling system. Integrated sounds when smacking walls, other AI karts. Will play from (3) random sounds in an array. I’ve also included an engine sound that changes pitch based on engine RPM. Lastly I’ve implemented the skidding sound when sliding in turns, I’ve also put the trail renderer in there to leave visual marks on the track behind you. The audio is definitely placeholder (and it’s not high quality stuff). It’s only there at this juncture, as proof of concept that the scripts are working to produce sounds. Follow the link to the updated web player.