Monthly Archives: February 2011

Creating a Track Layout Sheet

Today I completed the first revision of the track layout design sheet. It didn’t take very long to complete the actual artwork aspect. It did however take quite a while to work out the track complexity based on game progression.


Track Layouts – terraX

The initial (6) tracks in forward configuration + Bonus track for iOS project “terraX”.

Using Motion Paths to create drivable roads

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to rapidly prototype roads in Maya using a small script and the built-in motion path animation feature. Some of the advantages of this method are: Fine control of the creation of uniform UVs around the entire road surface, the ability to finely control where a given track would bank or twist, and lastly, the ability of a road surface to snugly follow a built up terrain (without any extrusion distortions, etc).

Official fatBOX Software Youtube page

Here is the link to the official Youtube page where I will be uploading development videos. These will consist of easy to follow tutorials and cover the process of development from Maya to Unity to iPhone!