Monthly Archives: October 2013

Vehicle #09 Completed

Vehicle #09 texturing/uvs/modeling completed. This is the asset rendered in the Unity Game Engine. The vehicle is loosely based around a Focus RS racing vehicle. This model came in at 875 polygons and a 512 x 512 texture map.


Mobile Car Pack Webplayer Updated


I’ve updated the Unity webplayer to show a full 360 rotation of the completed models thus far. You’ll get a better idea of the detail and shading of the geometry in this scene. I’ve also made a few changes on the reflection map and some details on the earlier models. Halfway through the pack only 7 days in!


Vehicle #08 Texturing Completed

Completed Vehicle #08 texturing/uvs, it’s production ready.

Here is a look at it rendered in the Unity Engine. 961 Polygons/ 512 x 512 diffuse PSD.

New Bonus

NEW BONUS: Included with every perk $10 and above is the complete Modular City Pack. What good are a pack of vehicles without roads to drive them on? Here are a few images to show the pack and some of the technical details. This pack is already completed and ready for delivery. The pack will be delivered via digital download in Unity package format and FBX file formats. All associated textures are included.

New High Performance Vehicle

Work in Progress of one of the High Performance Cars being completed today. This one is based on the Bugatti Veyron. I will however not be modeling some of the Veyron specific details. Going to make this one just appear to be an exotic high end car mixed with body lines, etc of other high end cars.

Check it out on the main web site:

New car completed! This is the Classic Street Hotrod (inspired by the 1960’s era Falcon).

New car completed! This is the Classic Street Hotrod (inspired by the 1960’s era Falcon).

Test the new vehicle out in the web demo:

Visit the campaign where you can acquire this vehicle for $2.50!


Mobile Car Pack for Game Developers

Hi everyone. Throwing this out there for any game developers. Complete low poly car asset pack. If you’re not interested please disregard, if you are follow through and check out all of the imagery and details. What you see below is the full car pack. The colored models are completed right now and the grayed out ones are in production.