Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bird of Prey – Web Demo

Going to link to a project that’s going in tandem with development of Super Kart Racing. All of the info about the game is on the website.

Updated a few new things. Added in new GUI elements for health. Changed up the controls a bit too. Feedback from some folks resulted in what I feel is more intuitive for keyboard control.

Here is the link to the webplayer:

Screenshot in-game on the rabbit hunt.


Watch “Creating a Mobile Optimized Vehicle in Unity – Unity Game Engine” on YouTube

Apocalypse City Prop Pack – Now Live on Asset Store

These assets are meant to be versatile for both webplayer and mobile projects. They could be used for first person zombie apocalypse games, overhead RTS-style games, flight simulation/military aircraft combat games and my personal favorite – car racing games!

Currently the asset kit contains 155 unique elements. These are a combination of “clean” looking versions and “destroyed” or worn out versions. The textures are in PSD, PNG and TGA formats. They range in size from 128 x 128 pixels to 512 x 512 pixels. The 3d models are FBX file format.