Monthly Archives: February 2014

Bass Wandering in Water Scene

So today I was doing some reading on programming and decided to do some training. I created a terrarium with ants that would wander the area and be confined to the terrarium. The ants turned into a fish and some water. The controller works will all kinds of wandering creatures!

Check it out in a Unity webplayer.


Sandy Beach Speedway Single Lap

Still in a rough beta state. I’m not happy with the look of the “starting” light graphics. The camera follow also has issues when I drive up onto the banked oval.

Low Poly Vehicle Garage Sale

Fellow game developers! Some of you may need some good baseline 3d models for mobile game development. These are a great start to gauge mobile performance.

Super Kart Racing Forums now Live

If anyone wants to keep up to date on Super Kart Racing development, release dates, etc. feel free to follow on the official forums.