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Creating a Character Select Menu in Unity

Latest Unity tutorial up on Youtube. There is also a link in the description to instantly download the completed tutorial project.


Resource for Schematics/Blueprints

I’m always looking for reference. Today I was seeking out 2d drawings of WWII aircraft and I came upon this little gem on the web.

Look through this guy’s gallery. Tons of schematics for all kinds of things. A very thorough weapon schematic gallery, tons of aircraft, Iron Man and sci fi schematics. You name it, this guy has it…with the exception of cars.

iPhone 4 vs. 3Gs resolution

I’m in the process of researching how to design the 2D Menu assets, UI and HUD assets. There is a resolution difference between iPhone 4 and 3GS hardware and I want to ensure all of my 2d assets (buttons, etc) display the proper scale on either device. Anyone have any development experience to draw upon or lessons learned on this issue?