Monthly Archives: April 2013

Super Kart Racing 100% funded

Well after much struggle I finally made the goal. Only 10 hours to spare. Will have some very cool updates within the next couple of weeks to show off. The AI pathing is completely redone (much cooler, more fun sliding physics), the position indication for player vs. AI is now 100% solid and working.


Civilian Character Model

Here is a look at the very first civilian model to be found in my Zombie Apocalypse Character Pack.


Zombie Apocalypse Characters and Weapons Pack

Geared towards any developers who might need low poly character assets as well as low poly weapon assets. (3) character packs, each with (5) character variations and 10 animations each. Thats a total of 15 characters and 30 animations. I’m trying an experiment here to sell these assets dirt cheap for the bundle. The characters also come with weapon packs, rifles, knives, pistols and a variety of crazy melee weapons.

Here is the link:
Zombie Apocalypse Characters and Weapons Pack Campaign

Some sample images:

Taybor’s Field Track Layouts

Completed the layout designs for a new outdoor track called “Taybor’s Field”. This is going to be one challenging track and should be pretty fun to race.

Super Kart Racing for iOS and Android -- Kicktraq Mini