Low Poly Dinosaur Pack

I’ve officially launched and am sending my babies out into the world! Check it out and see if it’s something you could use.
I’m taking feedback and critiques over the next 30 days while I work on this project. Anything that can be improved or polished or modified.


Creating a Racing Game in Unity

Creating a Racing Game in Unity – Youtube Tutorial Series

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Sarah and The City of Dead

Did a bit of Photoshop work today to get a placeholder logo in the game build menus. This is the result of an hour so of work.

Introducing one of my current mobile game projects. This is the story of a young lady stuck in a world that has deteriorated. She’s alone for now, and struggling to survive.

It’s rough right now. When on a two week schedule to get this game out of the door, things are rough at the start.

I put the new Everyplay SDK into this Android project and it worked and uploaded right to Youtube. Doesn’t look bad at all considering this was recorded directly from my Samsung Galaxy S2 (which is an older Android device.) This is a project that’s currently in a prototype state.

Early gray box testing Video on Youtube

Last but not least an early screenshot of our protagonist hero for this game.

NOTE : In the final development stage will revisit her texture and make sure her clothing is more appropriate for her surroundings (i.e. post apocalyptic world). Right now she looks like she walked out of Old Navy.

Skate N Crash – Android Mobile Game

I’ve finally finished up a short term project called Skate N Crash. It’s an endless runner, with a skater and obstacles you have to trick off of. The game took about 5 days to complete and is free on the Google Play Store. I’m willing to share code or insights into how anything in the game was accomplished. Everything is very low poly: Character is 500 polygons with a 256×256 texture. The world is comprised of sections of about 700 polygons and uses some 512×512 and 256×256 textures. It’s also lit via lightmapping and old school vertex lighting. Just shoot away if you have any questions.


Bass Wandering in Water Scene

So today I was doing some reading on programming and decided to do some training. I created a terrarium with ants that would wander the area and be confined to the terrarium. The ants turned into a fish and some water. The controller works will all kinds of wandering creatures!

Check it out in a Unity webplayer.


Sandy Beach Speedway Single Lap

Still in a rough beta state. I’m not happy with the look of the “starting” light graphics. The camera follow also has issues when I drive up onto the banked oval.

Low Poly Vehicle Garage Sale

Fellow game developers! Some of you may need some good baseline 3d models for mobile game development. These are a great start to gauge mobile performance.


Super Kart Racing Forums now Live

If anyone wants to keep up to date on Super Kart Racing development, release dates, etc. feel free to follow on the official forums.