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Cosmos Combo

Latest shipped game just released on Google Play!


Distance Tool for Unity Engine

A very handy free tool for Unity.

Unity Kart Demo Update – Physics and Environment Art

Visually you’ll see some changes in tonight’s build. You’ll notice I’ve started to work on the environment and got some stuff in there. Maybe one more week and the entire environment will be complete. On the scripting side I’ve implemented some more blocks of code to handle slippage at higher speeds…this physics scripting is intense stuff. I’m starting to learn to wear the scripting hat. I spend all day coding/testing stuff and then I’m thinking “man I wish I had an artist to handle all of that silly environment art lol”. I love it…it’s why I do it.

So bullet point 1.) environment art update 2.) physics for higher speed slippage, etc. accomplished today. Oh and if you find you are interpenetrating art geometry it’s because I haven’t gotten around to opening up the collision file and updating it to match the new art. All in good time.

As usual you can test the updated build at:

Brand new Web URL


I’ve migrated all of the HTML code to run embedded on a new web site now. It’s a site purely dedicated to my Unity development work.

You can find the current builds of the Kart Demo at this link (got a proper URL and all now):

This is where I’ll be updating the build each night with updates as I progress.


Free 3D Models (Most iPhone Spec)

Follow the link above to access the links to the first group of 10 or so models.
You will see a section on the left side navigation panel that will say “3D Models (Download Link).

I’ve started gathering up models I’ve had sitting on my hard drive over the years. I’ve decided to start sharing them free of charge, with the community of developers. I will be adding in groups over the next few days, I do have quite a bit of city and roadside props to pull up and post. All models are in .OBJ format to ensure maximum portability to your 3D app, and each one has the UVs already laid out, feel free to tweak as you wish. Please use these models with or without credit to me, I am releasing them openly to the general public for unlimited commercial and non-commercial purposes.

It would be cool if you shot me an email some time to show me how a model has helped!

Official fatBOX Software Youtube page

Here is the link to the official Youtube page where I will be uploading development videos. These will consist of easy to follow tutorials and cover the process of development from Maya to Unity to iPhone!