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Commercial Point Karting Classic

Proud to announce a partnership with the Commercial Point Racing Foundation, featuring the track for their annual event in Commercial Point, Ohio. This is a real world location for an annual Kart Racing Event that’s taken place since 1968.


Devil Hills Track Layout Concept – Super Kart Racing

I’ve been pretty busy on this one. Here is a finished 2d track concept based on the real world location Rock Island, IL. This is basically the drawing I will use to model the track and place major landmarks.

This is what it looks like in real life to drive around this location.


Super Kart Racing Menu Screen Mockups

These are the first revision of menu screen mockups I’ve finished. More than likely they will undergo some changes to design or aesthetic, but for the most part they are solid. Looking forward to cutting these up and plugging them into NGUI atlases soon.

Main Menu Background Plate

A near final revision of the main menu title screen. This is the background plate for the main menu. Other elements will be interchangeable elements overlaid in 3d within the Unity game engine. Javascript events will allow all necessary menu and button behaviors, transition sliding, etc.

WIP Truck Illustration for Main Title Menu

This is the initial truck illustration for the main title menu. The blue truck at the top of the image is the actual vector file that will overlay on the title menu. The red truck on the lower left is the photographic reference, used to basically trace the larger shapes. To the lower right is the Illustrator wireframe of the artwork thus far. The illustration is now about 80% completed.