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Commercial Point Karting Classic

Proud to announce a partnership with the Commercial Point Racing Foundation, featuring the track for their annual event in Commercial Point, Ohio. This is a real world location for an annual Kart Racing Event that’s taken place since 1968.


Taybor’s Field Track Layouts

Completed the layout designs for a new outdoor track called “Taybor’s Field”. This is going to be one challenging track and should be pretty fun to race.

Devil Hills Track Layout Concept – Super Kart Racing

I’ve been pretty busy on this one. Here is a finished 2d track concept based on the real world location Rock Island, IL. This is basically the drawing I will use to model the track and place major landmarks.

This is what it looks like in real life to drive around this location.


2007 Chevy Colorado Blueprints

I thought I would share this awesome blueprint I came across for a late model pickup truck. This is the first full vehicle I am currently modeling for Arena Truck Pro.

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Title Menu Icon Work

Work in progress on some title menu icons. I created some roughly in Photoshop to make a quick comp (you can see on lower portion of image). Today I took the raster comp into Illustrator and finished up making some vector versions. Maintaining vector file versions is always a good idea depending on what devices and resolutions you might be tackling.


Track Layouts – terraX

The initial (6) tracks in forward configuration + Bonus track for iOS project “terraX”.