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Cosmos Combo

Latest shipped game just released on Google Play!


New High Performance Vehicle

Work in Progress of one of the High Performance Cars being completed today. This one is based on the Bugatti Veyron. I will however not be modeling some of the Veyron specific details. Going to make this one just appear to be an exotic high end car mixed with body lines, etc of other high end cars.

Check it out on the main web site:

Taybor’s Field Track Layouts

Completed the layout designs for a new outdoor track called “Taybor’s Field”. This is going to be one challenging track and should be pretty fun to race.

Devil Hills Track Layout Concept – Super Kart Racing

I’ve been pretty busy on this one. Here is a finished 2d track concept based on the real world location Rock Island, IL. This is basically the drawing I will use to model the track and place major landmarks.

This is what it looks like in real life to drive around this location.

Super Kart Racing Menu Screen Mockups

These are the first revision of menu screen mockups I’ve finished. More than likely they will undergo some changes to design or aesthetic, but for the most part they are solid. Looking forward to cutting these up and plugging them into NGUI atlases soon.

Updated Build (mini-map, character models)

Okay so I’ve been busy working on another iPad project for myself, so the Kart Demo got neglected for a few days. I came back with a vengeance and smoothed out the physics on the player vehicle and the AI now path smoother (they also have turning wheels now!). Still need a new set of Waypoints for the blue AI. I’ve also implemented a new driver model (completed modeling, normal mapping, rigging and animations, etc.)…the same model has been applied to the AI. It was a bit tricky getting the AI models to play their animations without having any keyboard control input to trigger them.

I ended up hooking into the existing script for Waypoints that controls turning of the AI wheels/car ( I used it’s wheelAngle variable to to set an “if-else”). This would readout a numeric degree of that variable, which I could read from and say, well if the degree number is +15 or greater play the “TurnRight” animation… else if the degree number is -15 or less play the “TurnRight” animation, else play the “Idle” animation (which is a static animation right now.)

I’ve also got the mini-map working in the build too. It’s actually pretty solid right now. I may polish the little blip texture a bit, but it’s pretty much completed. I used a second GUI camera in scene, set its viewport clipping so it only appears in a section of my game window. I set the camera depth for the mini-map to always render on top of the game camera, placed in a GUITexture for the map of the track, placed (3) 16×16 blip textures for AI and the player and created simple code that makes them follow their assigned transforms (i.e. player or AI vehicles).

I feel it’s really coming along now, starting to look like something finally!

Check the latest build out at :

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World Overview – Work in Progress

Work in progress of first level in my current Untitled iOS project. The screengrab is from Maya and shows the street layout for a large scale city. I will make use of M2H Culling system to cull most of the world when the player is in a given area. This will allow me to minimize draw calls and only draw a few thousand triangles per view area.