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New Character Pack live on Unity Asset Store

Got this entire character pack approved and live on the asset store yesterday!


Civilian Character Model

Here is a look at the very first civilian model to be found in my Zombie Apocalypse Character Pack.


Zombie Apocalypse Characters and Weapons Pack

Geared towards any developers who might need low poly character assets as well as low poly weapon assets. (3) character packs, each with (5) character variations and 10 animations each. Thats a total of 15 characters and 30 animations. I’m trying an experiment here to sell these assets dirt cheap for the bundle. The characters also come with weapon packs, rifles, knives, pistols and a variety of crazy melee weapons.

Here is the link:
Zombie Apocalypse Characters and Weapons Pack Campaign

Some sample images:

Creating a Character Select Menu in Unity

Latest Unity tutorial up on Youtube. There is also a link in the description to instantly download the completed tutorial project.

Unity Engine – Stock Car Demo Project

Hey everyone. I’ve put up a lot of free Unity goodies. Today is a full free project of a Nascar driving demo. It’s pretty decent physics for a Nascar Stock car. The track is based off of Daytona International Speedway. Anyways, go check out the freebies at under the Resources tab.

Updated Build (mini-map, character models)

Okay so I’ve been busy working on another iPad project for myself, so the Kart Demo got neglected for a few days. I came back with a vengeance and smoothed out the physics on the player vehicle and the AI now path smoother (they also have turning wheels now!). Still need a new set of Waypoints for the blue AI. I’ve also implemented a new driver model (completed modeling, normal mapping, rigging and animations, etc.)…the same model has been applied to the AI. It was a bit tricky getting the AI models to play their animations without having any keyboard control input to trigger them.

I ended up hooking into the existing script for Waypoints that controls turning of the AI wheels/car ( I used it’s wheelAngle variable to to set an “if-else”). This would readout a numeric degree of that variable, which I could read from and say, well if the degree number is +15 or greater play the “TurnRight” animation… else if the degree number is -15 or less play the “TurnRight” animation, else play the “Idle” animation (which is a static animation right now.)

I’ve also got the mini-map working in the build too. It’s actually pretty solid right now. I may polish the little blip texture a bit, but it’s pretty much completed. I used a second GUI camera in scene, set its viewport clipping so it only appears in a section of my game window. I set the camera depth for the mini-map to always render on top of the game camera, placed in a GUITexture for the map of the track, placed (3) 16×16 blip textures for AI and the player and created simple code that makes them follow their assigned transforms (i.e. player or AI vehicles).

I feel it’s really coming along now, starting to look like something finally!

Check the latest build out at :

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Unity Kart Demo Update – Physics and Environment Art

Visually you’ll see some changes in tonight’s build. You’ll notice I’ve started to work on the environment and got some stuff in there. Maybe one more week and the entire environment will be complete. On the scripting side I’ve implemented some more blocks of code to handle slippage at higher speeds…this physics scripting is intense stuff. I’m starting to learn to wear the scripting hat. I spend all day coding/testing stuff and then I’m thinking “man I wish I had an artist to handle all of that silly environment art lol”. I love it…it’s why I do it.

So bullet point 1.) environment art update 2.) physics for higher speed slippage, etc. accomplished today. Oh and if you find you are interpenetrating art geometry it’s because I haven’t gotten around to opening up the collision file and updating it to match the new art. All in good time.

As usual you can test the updated build at:

The Defense of St. Augustine – iPad project


Lately I’ve been working a day job, and doing other experiments for games….but the one that has stuck and is getting the focus is this project. I have evenings and weekends to get this thing together and have been making progress on assets. Below is a screenshot from an iPad2. This project could loosely be classified as a tower defense game, but is a little more elaborate in player control, and in the game mechanic. Most of the defense will take place on the shoreline (near town) with enemies coming from an inlet into a harbor. You will be attacking targets from the sea and on the shoreline. Not only will you defend from a fort on the shoreline itself, but you will also have control over defense from the sea within the harbor. This means control over Spanish Galleon ships over the water, as well as artillery from the Castillo De San Marcos fort itself.

I’m targeting the iPad at first, then will port to the iPhone and possibly some kind of desktop application as well. I am sharing the progress as I develop this project. Here are a few Youtube videos of some of the assets so far:

City Inhabitant #1

So to get a break from environment modeling/texturing and vehicle work I decided to start on some of the character work. This is City Inhabitant #1, as I’m calling him. There are going to be a LOT more like him, only in different themes and variations… i.e. public servant versions, etc. This is a work in progress, but has been designed for iOS optimization. Character is 503 triangles and has a 256 texture. It will use a self illuminated material, so no dynamic lighting. His rig setup will consist of about 8-10 bones in the hierarchy. I don’t envision more than 50 of these guys in any given level, but I’ll make sure to do as many stress tests as I can on the 3GS and go from there.

Work in Progress World Artwork

Some updates on the world art. These are some different areas of the same world, there is no lighting on anything whatsoever, so it will look a bit flat right now. Lightmapping will make all of this really pop.