Go Kart Demo NGUI Update


Web playable update: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16956434/Kart_Race_Demo/1-18-13_Webplayer/WebPlayer.html

Converted all in-game HUD elements to NGUI. Now they’re rocking 2 draw calls of the entire UI (1 is for the font and other for UI elements.) I am aware of the position indicator doing it’s bugginess. What is occurring, is that when the player and AI are equal in Laps Completed, Waypoints Passed and are relying on Distance to Next Waypoint to calculate who’s in front..well that value is jumping back to 0 at each way point being passed (resets value). So I think because the data is relying on the rapidly changing value to determine race position in these circumstances, it’s glitching a bit. Once you determine a lead by passing more waypoints in general or more laps, the position indicator is fine. It’s a bug and I’ll fix it.

I’ve also added in driver camera functionality if you click the camera icon in the top of the game window. Helps with the sense of speed a bit, but I’ll do more with the far camera’s sense of speed when I get to that. For now I’m working on getting the second functional AI vehicle in…I intend to have a race between (3) Karts.

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2 thoughts on “Go Kart Demo NGUI Update

  1. I’d really like to see how you converted to NGUI.

    • Well it was pretty simple. I removed all of the GUITextures I was using and modified the scripts to make slots for sprites vs. GUITextures. The enable/disable stuff was very similar so the scripts had very little change. I used NGUI documentation to get them working as buttons…he has his own functions for that. Check out his documentation for info on to create buttons,etc.

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