webGL and the future of HTML5

I’ve been running HTML5 and webGL experiments. There are a LOT of options out there for the engines that drive the webGL content using javascript coding and HTML5 canvas stuff. It was really hard to try to find one to use though, because they are in various states of usability and stability. There aren’t very many visual editors for this out though. It’s comprised of mostly hand coded stuff at this point. I think most of the HTML5 limitations are stemming from it really being a huge work-in-progress right now. There is no golden solution, there is no 100% stable release of an engine to drive it. It really appears a lot of people are using it in the experimentation phase, even though you see some large companies like Adidas using HTML5 stuff for browser games and such. It’s still based on experimental tech (it does work though). It has a lot of promise and I do believe it is the future of browser gaming…but on that note I believe it’s going to be a solid future version of the tech. It will be stable, more optimized, etc. Right now I suppose webGL handles 2d sprite based games wonderfully, but 3D is still a performance challenge. I’m currently using the Crafty engine. http://craftyjs.com/

Here is a link to one of my current experiments.

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