Guinea Pig Rescue – 72 hour game challenge

Updated 48 hour progress Webplayer. I’ve  Implemented the lower death zone, with a full respawn effect ( this is for falling off of the world). I’ve also implemented in location aware respawning dependent on where you’ve fallen off.  I’ve also tweaked out the camera script to more closely match the old style 2d side scrolling platformer games. The controls are the standard WASD keys with SPACE for jumping. This is my 48 hour progress so far. I want to see how far I can get in 72 hours. Tomorrow will have collectible pickups done with GUI reflecting the level’s pickup goals. There is 0% game design done for this, for level layout or anything really…so if it doesn’t make sense visually or gameplay-wise that’s “normal” for right now.

Here is a link to the WIP web player.…WebPlayer.html

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