The Defense of St. Augustine – iPad project


Lately I’ve been working a day job, and doing other experiments for games….but the one that has stuck and is getting the focus is this project. I have evenings and weekends to get this thing together and have been making progress on assets. Below is a screenshot from an iPad2. This project could loosely be classified as a tower defense game, but is a little more elaborate in player control, and in the game mechanic. Most of the defense will take place on the shoreline (near town) with enemies coming from an inlet into a harbor. You will be attacking targets from the sea and on the shoreline. Not only will you defend from a fort on the shoreline itself, but you will also have control over defense from the sea within the harbor. This means control over Spanish Galleon ships over the water, as well as artillery from the Castillo De San Marcos fort itself.

I’m targeting the iPad at first, then will port to the iPhone and possibly some kind of desktop application as well. I am sharing the progress as I develop this project. Here are a few Youtube videos of some of the assets so far:

2 thoughts on “The Defense of St. Augustine – iPad project

  1. Smile Dragon says:

    I’m also working on a similar game in unity 🙂
    It seams that we had the same idea :p When I’ll finish it, I’ll let you know, so maybe you’ll tell me your impression.
    Btw, good work, your assets are great.

    • Smile Dragon,
      Well, there are quite a few ship battling games and castle defense games out there right now. I’m sure we’ll find ways to differentiate our games and ideas. I’m still tweaking and changing aspects of mine as I go, it could end up very different at the very end. I wish you luck man, just like I do myself…it’s tough for indie devs.

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